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On 17 November, Geena Davis, ITU Special Envoy for Women and Girls in ICTs, gave a speech to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the theme of ‘Women and Technology: Increasing Opportunity and Driving International Development’ where she stressed the importance of gender equality in technology.

ITU World Radiocommunication Conference enables Earth-to-space reception of ADS-B transmissions

Geneva, 11 November 2015 – Agreement has been reached at the World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva on the allocation of radiofrequency spectrum for global flight tracking in civil aviation.

In complying with its public responsibility, the Authority hereby advises individuals contracting wireless telecommunications services that SOURCE TECHNOLOGY is not licenced and/or authorised to use the radio frequency spectrum. 


‘Right to Know’ Day celebrates, once a year, the right of individuals to access information held by government bodies and encourages transparent, accessible government. It is marked worldwide each year by over 100 countries including Jamaica by activities that celebrate the public’s right to know.


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Who we are

The Spectrum Management Authority is the national regulator for the radio frequency spectrum and, as such, is an advisory body to the Minister with principal responsibility for telecommunications who has the responsibility for the regulation of the spectrum under the Telecommunications Act, 2000.

Spectrum Management

Management of spectrum is the combination of administrative and technical procedures with legal procedures necessary to ensure efficient operation of radio communication services without causing harmful interference.

Licensing & Authorization

All users of the radio frequency spectrum, unless otherwise stated are required to have a spectrum license according to the Telecommunication Act 2000.  In fulfilling its mandate to ensure the efficient management of the radio frequency spectrum, the Authority issues Licences, Authorisations and Certifications.